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Stainless steel bird & parrot cages

have been popular for some time now. Featherland offers top stainless steel bird cages for all type birds and parrots.     

All companion birds and parrots require a bird cage, a safe haven, an area they are able to establish and define as their own territory. We suggest looking into Featherland Stainless Steel Bird and parrot Cages for african grey cockatoo,macaw,amazon parrot and all conures.

Your stainless steel parrot cage should provide enough space for exercise and play, an area where food and water will be available and a secure area for rest or sleep. 

It is the care givers responsibility to provide  a proper bird cage for our feathered friends, and becoming an educated consumer will enable you to achieve that goal. A better bird cage.

Featherland Bird Cage Company has carefully considered the bird cage space requirements for the many individual species of parrots and birds which might be housed in each cage model. Featherland Stainless Steel Bird Cages come in several models, 2718, 3021,3624 Cottage, 4228 Villa and the 4832 Mansion stainless steel models.

Our top priority is to provide your birds with a safe home. Upon simple inspection you will be able to determine that our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed.   

All Featherland  parrot and bird cages are available in 304 surgical grade stainless steel.

304 grade is the same type used in all USA hospitals, surgical rooms. 

We believe that your bird cage should be user friendly for parrots and the people who care for them. Featherland's environmentally sensitive industrial design team has developed and patented new technology which makes assembly of your bird cage a simple task, without nuts and bolts and requiring no tools. Obviously these features make breakdown for routine cleaning and disinfecting a simple task. Cage maintenance is easy when you choose Featherland.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide your feathered companion a superior home.

If you are ready to advance to a Superior bird cage then Featherland Stainless Steel is one of the finest cages out there, Stainless steel bird cages are now becoming more and more popular due to the ease of cleaning, and there is no paint to chip or get chewed off. 

Some of the highest recommendations come from top breeders of exotic birds.

Royal Bird Company one of the most successful aviculturists in the USA  says....

" We here at Royal Bird Company always tell all our customers that purchase our babies, if you want a rust free and easy to clean cage for many years, Stainless Steel bird cages is the way to go and Featherland Bird Cages are some of the best."

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