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Featherland Bird Cages 

Bird cages for all macaws,cockatoos,african grey parrot and amazon parrots.

Stainless steel bird & parrot cages have been popular for some time now. Featherland stainless steel bird cages offers top stainless steel bird cages for all type birds and parrots.

All companion birds and parrots require a bird cage, a safe haven, an area they are able to establish and define as their own.

Your stainless steel parrot cage should provide enough space for exercise and play, an area where food and water for your bird or parrot will be available and a secure area for rest or sleep.

It is the care givers responsibility to provide a proper bird cage for our feathered friends, and becoming an educated consumer will enable you to achieve that goal. A better bird and parrot cage.

Featherland Bird Cage Company has carefully considered the bird cage space requirements for the many individual species of parrots and birds which might be housed in each bird cage model. Featherland Stainless Steel Bird Cages come in several models, 2718, 3021,3624 Cottage, 4228 Villa and the 4832 Mansion stainless steel models.

Our top priority is to provide your birds with a safe home. Upon simple inspection you will be able to determine that our craftsmanship on our stainless steel bird cages and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

All Featherland stainless steel bird and parrot cages available in 304 surgical grade stainless steel. 304 grade is the same type used in all USA hospitals, surgical rooms.

Featherland bird cages are for all your pet parrots. Macaws, cockatoos, african grey parrots, amazon parrots,electus parrot, conure, parakeets and cockatiels.

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Featherland Bird Cage Info

Stainless steel bird cages for all species.
african grey parrots,amazon parrots,macaws,cockatoos,eclectus,etc


Information about type 304 stainless steel used for Featherland Bird Homes



INTRODUCTION: Stainless steel is steel that stains less. Stainless steel is defined as steel alloyed with chromium that is highly resistant to stain, rust and corrosion. Note to the buyer: THIS DOES NOT MEAN STAINLESS STEEL WILL NEVER RUST OR CORRODE because current technology has not developed any steel which is completely stain or corrosion proof. You can rest assured the stainless steel type and finish selected for featherland bird homes is the best available for the intended use.

Type 304 is commonly used for chemical processing equipment, for food, dairy, and beverage industries, for heat exchangers, and for the milder chemicals.


Type 304












Featherland stainless steel products have added process, electropolishing.

We go the extra mile for you, by electro polishing all the bird contact surfaces on the bird cage, rather than adding a layer of metal by electro-plating. Electropolishing removes any surface irregularity from the bird cage surfaces. The result is a magnificent product designed to provide the safest and most sanitary bird cage environments your pet bird and enhancing your décor

In electropolishing, the metal is removed ion by ion from the surface of the metal object being polished. Electrochemistry and the fundamental principles of electrolysis (Faraday's Law) replace traditional mechanical finishing techniques, including grinding, milling, blasting and buffing as the final finish. In basic terms, the object to be electropolished is immersed in an electrolyte and subjected to a direct electrical current. The object is maintained anodic, with the cathodic connection being made to a nearby metal conductor.

During electropolishing, the polarized surface film is subjected to the combined effects of gassing (oxygen), which occurs with electrochemical metal removal, saturation of the surface with dissolved metal and the agitation and temperature of the electrolyte.

In summary, electropolishing smooths metal. It does not move it or wipe it. As a result, the surface of the metal is microscopically featureless, with not even the smallest speck of a torn surface remaining. The basic metal surface is subsequently revealed – bright, clean and unbelievably smooth and long lasting . By contrast, even a very fine mechanically finished surface will continue to show smears and other directionally oriented patterns or effects.


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